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About Us

Supporting Agricultural Productivity!

The Laiva Agro Company is based on applied agricultural research & development with farmer’s education & field trials in India and abroad from last 30 years. The company works on profit sharing in Agri-resources field research and development, farmer welfare and field services in the form of natural and Bio-organic replenishment essential for healthy and cost effective & safe (bio friendly) crop production with the concern over strengthening-up of soil-water & other important resources, presently suffering from the scenario of indiscriminate use of Agro-chemicals, Global warming-Climatic change and lack of knowledge.


What We Do

Listed below four reasons to choose us!

Agro-Environmental Labs

Scientifically supported by Agro-Environmental Laboratories to peruse various technical product activities to

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Environmental Stewardship

The responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices

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growing healthy plants

The company has brought out few concepts researched, non conventional and high quality virgin Bio-Organic plant

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Green Field Plant

We are using large number of bio organic industrial liquid and solid waste to preserve bio-nutritional values

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Our Products

Save Money, Without Thinking About It!

Our Services

Solutions to make things easier!

It is important farmer to connect with technology transfer program, implementation, monitoring and appraisal of integrated and basic farm activities which is a gradual and slow process directly associated to the different types of farm opportunities with different farm communities to motivate them to implement improved package of practices, use of farm machinery and inputs and management practices under the trial and demonstration conditions. Periodic visits are conducted to observe the benefits over the traditional methods and later on penetrate the various aspects of extension services into their day to day farm operations methodology. The farm services broadly consist of information, Input, management, audits, surveillance, skill and resource monitoring time to time.

Farmer’s Education And Training

Our Product research is our prime priority and continuous in-house research and development of technology and products based on bio organic composition including concentrated soil and plant, nutritional supplements and conditioners are focused in fields.



+91-91930 93838

Kipps Enclave, Izzat Nagar, Bareilly UP 243122